Online Sale Riojanas espadrilles, traditional Sapnish espadrilles made in Cervera



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In Espadrillesiberonline know the traditional way of making espadrilles. The handmade espadrilles in La Rioja (Spain) has a tradition of over 400 years.....




...., continuing today with a similar manufacturing process, using the best materials and with a variety of fabrics, our soles are made exclusively with jute , a raw material 100% natural and organic skin facilitating transpire to our feet feel the pleasure of walking ...



We offer the perfect combination: the best tradition - Natural jute sole and sewn by hand - with the best fabrics and designs. Models of sandals for men, women and children: Classical, Copete, Camping, Blucher, Sandal, Boot, Valenciana, Campesina, Salon, Slave, Clog and more. Espadrilles for weddings and events. And if you do not find what you are looking for contact us, we'll help you find it.  


If you decide on one of our espadrilles, you are buying a product made ​​of handmade, unique and special way. And remember, in the imperfection of the craftsman is the essence of the espadrille.